Rupam Islam Best Songs Quotes & Lyrics

Rupam Islam Best Bengali Songs Quotes & Lyrics. Rupam Islam (born 25 January 1974) is
Kolkata-based Indian playback singer, songwriter, composer and the lead singer of the bangla band
Fossils. He is a recipient of National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer.In 1998, his band
Fossils was born. Within the first five years, they had become one of the best Bengali Rock bands.

      “Daniken – Tumi Ki Nijeke Beretho Bhabo Tomake Ami E Gaan Shonabo “
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Khnoro Aamar Fossil Song Quotes - Rupam Islam

      “Khnoro Aamar Fossil – Jodi E Hridoy Chute Sannidher Bidyute”

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Phire Cholo Song Quotes - Rupam Islam

      “Phire Cholo – Mohaproloye Uriye Debo Joto Bishforoner Sukno Chaai”

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Keno Korle Erokom Song Quotes - Rupam Islam

      “Keno Korle Erokom – Ashole Jibon Bole Sotti Kichu Nei”

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Aro Ekbar Cholo Fire Jai Song Quotes - Rupam Islam

      “Aro Ekbar Cholo Fire Jai – Aaro Ekbar Haat-ta Chuye Dekh”

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       “Ekla Ghor – Ei Ekla Ghor Amar Desh”

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       “Neel Rong – Nil Rong Chilo Bhishon Priyo”

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      “Kishori – Kishori Tor Chokher Jole”

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